Conquer your lover’s heart and get him or her to accept and share your love in a peaceful marriage

Marriage Proposal Spell

M arriage proposals are a wonderful, happy and exciting thing. If you're waiting for your partner to propose and you want to move things along a little quicker, you can use this spell to make that happen.

Or alternatively, if you're planning a proposal yourself and you want to increase your chances of a positive response to your proposal, you can use this spell to get that too.

Marriage Spells that works

I t also works well if you've have a proposal rejected before, or perhaps if you rejected a previous proposal. This spell can give you a second chance to ask or be asked so that you can give the right answer this time around. This Marriage Proposal Spell invokes the help of Mother Nature, the gods and goddesses of love and romance, and the power of the 5 elements to give you the best chance of success both in your proposal itself and the resulting marriage.

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